Roger Dayton

Roger grew up in the Chicago, Illinois suburbs and encountered his first player when in the fifth grade. The instrument was well preserved and in 1948, only needed some coaxing to play again. It was with this instrument that Roger's love of player pianos began.

While in high school, Roger continued to hone his skill of player piano repair. Acquaintances of his parents began to learn of his abilities, and a part time trade was established which continued for almost twenty years. In 1971, an opportunity to open a full time restoration business presented itself, and Roger started Pedals Pumpers & Rolls in Chicago, offering professional player piano repair and restoration services. In addition to player piano action repairs, regulation, refinishing, and restringing, Roger also offered a local pick-up and return service, which was unique amongst his competition. The business was very successful from the start, and three year backlog of work quickly built up.

After 32 years of running Pedals Pumpers & Rolls as a full time business, Roger moved to Greenville, South Carolina with the goal of semi-retirement. When the local piano tuning group learned of Roger's capabilities, a new chapter in his player restoration business began.

Instruments from as far away as California and all over the Southeast began appearing for restoration, while player sales to Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Virginia have made combination delivery and vacation trips a regular feature. Pedals Pumpers & Rolls has sent restored instruments all over the US, plus Australia, Belgium, Japan, Switzerland, and even a player installed in an ocean traveling yacht. A number rare instruments now reside in museum collections.

Roger has assembled a new restoration crew with player expertise, plus refinishing, restringing and action rebuilding services to take care of all aspects of these vintage instruments. Have us bring your upright player, reproducing grand player, or nickelodeon back to a new life of entertainment for your family.