Roger and team at Pedals Pumpers & Rolls are experts in the restoration of fine player instruments produced from the era of the late 1800's to the 1930's. These pianos and other mechanical playing devices were hand built by craftsmen using the finest material available. Only a handful of very expensive modern pianos measure up to the products of that era since the level of craftmanship and the quality of the materials used to construct these instruments has declined over the years.

Whether your instrument is a 9 1/2' reproducing concert grand player piano, 88 note foot pumper upright player piano, or a prized family heirloom reed organ, Roger and his team of artisans will provide a unique and detailed level of service and attention to detail to return your instrument to a fully functional piece of art that will offer your family decades of musical memories and performances  Read More »

Regular maintenance is often necessary to keep a player piano in fine working order over the years. Roger has more than 40 years experience with these complex instruments to keep them playing like new.

There exists many types of player piano systems, and the mechanical state of an instrument nearly 100 years old can be very unpredictable. Often the degree of damage or wear to the inner components of the player mechanism cannot be determined until significant disassembly has been performed.

Roger and the Pedals, Pumpers & Rolls team offers to-your-door maintenance services for most areas of the south-eastern United States.

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From approximately 1900 into the early '30s, coin operated instruments - Nickelodeons or Orchestrions - were the entertaimnent of choice in all kinds of business settings. The patrons even got to pay for their own music. What separates orchestrions from nickelodeons is the presence of additional instrtunents or percussion devices to add extra sounds to the piano performances.  Read More »