Player Piano Maintenance

Normally, repairs or an estimate to your player piano can be completed with-in an hour.

If the repair cannot be done in an hour or so, an estimate will prepared. If the estimate is accepted, the piano is taken off site to the pedalspumpersrolls shop for the remainder of the service or restoration. Advanced and intricate repairs, such as pneumatics or valve issues cannot usually be corrected on site and require the tools in our workshop to perform the work.

For a non-functional player piano, if repair cannot be completed on site, an estimate will be prepared at no additional fee. If the estimate is accepted, a deposit taken on the work, and any components will be brough back to the pedalspumpersrolls workshop for restoration work. Full payment is due upon re-installtion and/or completion of the player piano on subsequent visits with refurbished parts/ pianos.

Local loading assistance will need to be provided by owner any for pick-up and drop-off service of full pianos.

Service Fee Structure
  • Player Piano repair/estimate for the first hour is $150 for travel distances up to 100 miles
    additional on-site hourly rate is $60/hr
  • Player Piano repair/estimate for the first hour is $225 for travel distances between 100 miles up to 200 miles
    additional on-site hourly rate is $60/hr
  • For travel distances over 200 miles from Greenville, SC - please contact us to for travel arrangements and travel fee pricing
    additional on-site hourly rate is $60/hr

For estimates that require the removal of some piano parts for off-site refurbishment, a minimum 50% deposit of the estimate is required to start work. This deposit will be in addition to the first hour fee.

For complete piano restoration that require removal of the whole instrument, the first hour fee (estimate) is waved. A minimum 25% deposit plus a payment schedule is required for all complete piano restorations. Final payment is due on or before delivery date for the restored instrument.

We provide on-site service and repairs for player pianos any where in the southeast, although at greater distances, we try to combine distant calls with others. Additional travel fees will be included for services provided outside a 200 mile radius of our home office of Greenville, SC.